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Jewelry Appraisal

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Benefits of Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry appraisal is for filing insurance coverage. The price of precious metals is always changing, and there’s a good chance that your jewelry has appreciated in value over time. Jewelry Appraisal is a detailed document describing your jewelry and its worth with assurance of a comparable replacement in case of loss. Appraisals are generally performed on items valued in excess of $400 or on items that have unusual sentimental value, and are also valuable for when you choose to sell, trade or bequeath your jewelry.

1. How much does a jewelry appraisal cost?
William & Sons Fine Jewelers provides a complimentary jewelry appraisal with any jewelry piece purchased in-store. We also do detailed appraisal services on items purchased elsewhere and charge $65 for the first item, $45 for the second item, and $30 for each piece appraised after that on the same visit. Insurance is critical if you own a piece that you can not afford to replace.

2. How often should I update my appraisals?
It is recommended that jewelry be re-appraised every two years. We keep your appraisal documents on file for seven years. Thus, updating your appraisal can be done relatively quickly and inexpensively. In the event of an update, all that is necessary is to make sure the item(s) are still in existence, and are in good condition.

3. Do I have to leave my jewelry to have it appraised?
No, absolutely not. Simply call us to make an appointment and we can prepare a jewelry appraisal in front of you as you wait. Most jewelry appraisals take 30 minutes to assess. A jewelry appraisal is mandatory by most insurance companies to show its cost of replacement in case of a loss or theft. At William & Sons Fine Jewelers, we provide complimentary jewelry appraisals with any jewelry pieces purchased in-store. We also do appraisal services on items purchased elsewhere for a nominal fee.

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